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Here you will find the information regarding the actual products that D3 creates. If you have any questions not answered here, do not hesitate to contact us!

The Rubber Ring substitutes in products are made of Neoprene or EDPM Rubber - Unless otherwise stated, the entire secondary color is replaced by the rubber rings, giving the entire piece the ability to stretch.

Aluminum is extremely light weight, about 3x less than Stainless Steel.

Most of our products have a preparation time of 1-2 days, unless otherwise noted. Items with Precious Metals (Gold, Silver) or Specialty Metals (Steel, Titanium) will have an additional preperation time of 10-14 business days - This is because we do not normally stock the wire to craft these rings.

Selecting a Precious or Specialty Metal, or Color Scheme primary choices will override any secondary or third color choices unless specific instructions are left detailing otherwise.

The wings () mark our original designs!
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