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What is Chainmail?
Also known as maille or chainmaille, it is a flexible material composed of small interlocking metal rings woven together. Historically, it was used as armor from the Roman era until the late middle ages, in both eastern and western cultures.

The term 'maille' comes from the French word for wire, although most sources claim the craft itself to be an invention of the Celts. It was used world-wide as material-efficient armor for several centuries, until the introduction of plate armor around the 16th century.

Today, it is still used as armor in medieval and renaissance re-enactment groups like the Society for Creative Anachronism, and in movies such as 'The Lord of the Rings'. Its armoring benefits are also used in practical applications such as shark suits and butchers' gloves.

Many people are discovering maille's potential for use in jewelry and clothing, as well as sculpture and functional pieces. Everything from inlaid chessboards and chandeliers to bikinis and bull whips have been made from this versatile material.

Who is D3?
Drunken Dragon Designs is comprised of a native Las Vegas family -- Founded in 2005, Raum and Andy have spent the last several years working with wire, stones and other mediums that our customers have grown to love.

Our entire family takes part in the creation of our products, including our children, The Little Dragon and Dragonette: Aiden and Danielle.

From the more classic designs of European ages, to the more modern Persian weaves, D3 has taken both the beautiful and the mysterious art of chainmail and created the exciting products and designs you see today!

The wings () mark our original designs!
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